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Bolt and Betty having sex [Video] BBA The Chase ※

bolt and betty sex tape

bolt and betty sex tape

You wouldn’t believe this…….
It is kind of weird when you get to watch this video, you wouldn’t know what to say. It is Betty, from Ethiopia and Bolt from Sierra Leone . I bet you saw their picture earlier on. This is a video of what actually transpired before the two posed that way in that picture.

The video begins with the two grinding and humping each other. What
you will see is a hand grabbing the blanket, such that no body part can
be seen. A few minutes later, we see Betty removing her head from
the blanket. Her hair looks furry. Bolt follows suit by emerging part of
his head from the blanket.

The humping and grinding continues for a while before we see Bolt
gets uninterested and not satisfied then he takes a break. All this while, Betty seemed pretty unenthusiastic on what was going on, so she just lied there, letting Bolt do the work. How could she be pleased by such petty small work?

Minutes later, we see Bolt struggling to do something under the
blanket. It is like he is trying to satisfy his self by masturbating and later on he tries to reach for his pants under the blanket. It is during this scenario that we get to see Betty, uncut. The blanket moves further down and we see the small camel toe Betty has. For more verification check out the video below and see for yourself, guess we gonna see more of this from other house mates soonest…..hmmmmmmmm



ONeal and Feza Undersheet

The BIG BROTHER the Chase is getting hotter now with house mates nominating each other while two house mates Neyll and Biguesas where evicted yesterday Sunday 16th, 2013.

But looking on the brighter side *wink* guess who is getting naughty under the sheets, its Oneal and Feza.
At about 2:51am this morning, Oneal and Feza where Under the sheet playing Naughty and when they woke up this morning they both act like two christian friends that they claim to be. (Night Crawlers) L̳̿Ö̤̣̇óó☺ː̗̀=Dː̖́☺óóÖ̤̣̇L̳̿..
Let’s see who’s gonna be up for eviction…. Hmmmmmmm

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